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X-Press OnDemand 780PRO – The Gold Standard in affordable Digital Presses…

X-Press OnDemand set the bar once again with the X-Press OnDemand 780PRO inc x-feed completely redefining affordable digital presses. HOW?

When measuring our products against competitive offerings our customers have told us to use 5 main criteria, these are:

1. Quality of output

We could use clever names for the technology but that means nothing unless the quality is up to scratch! We are so confident that the quality of print that the X-Press OnDemand 780 PRO produces is the best in it’s class, that we are very happy to demonstrate this by printing any file you choose onto a media of your choice, so that you can see why we are so different! Our company comes from a printing background and we understand print!

2. Running costs

Running costs are arguably the most important numbers for a printing company – after all, this is your raw material costs! The running costs on the X-Press OnDemand range have always been competitive, however with the 780 PRO we offer our lowest the lowest toner prices of any similar machines! Yes you can have it all – a machine that can print onto a vast array of media including thick card and banners, which is generally more expensive due to costs of wear – but at a price that is undoubtedly the lowest in this class.

3. Capital costs

At low, low prices the X-Press OnDemand 780 PRO SRA3 Digital Press also leads the market in terms of affordability. From only £29.99 per week on a lease agreement this machine certainly won’t break the bank – leaving you more profits in your pocket!

4. Customer revenue potential

With the versatility of media, the low capital cost and the low running cost, the potential for YOU, as our customer, to be able to increase your revenue, and therefore your profits, with minimum expenditure in virtually unlimited!

5. Reliability/Upgradability

The X-Press OnDemand 780 PRO SRA3 digital printing system has a nationwide base of users who have experienced the extremely reliable nature of this press. This machine is built to last and has many options available to upgrade it’s capabilities including a professional online finisher, and EFI RIP and colour calibration system.

6. Innovation – the complete package!

The X-Press OnDemand780 PRO has even more! Included is the x-feed system and you have a simply unbeatable system. To complete the offering is the all new X-Press OnDemand Workflow which controls position and imposes your digital jobs within a few clicks. It truly is an invaluable asset helping you to become a lean mean printing machine and is included as standard!
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X-Press OnDemand 780 PRO with x-feed
X-Press OnDemand 780PRO with x-feed
X-Press OnDemand  x-feed
X-Press OnDemand x-feed
X-Press OnDemand 780 PRO with x-feed and finisher
X-Press OnDemand 780PRO with x-feed and finisher
X-Press OnDemand workflow
X-Press OnDemand workflow


With over 20 years of experience in the digital printing and prepress industry you can be sure we will always be willing and able to help and support you and your investment. During these years X-Press OnDemand have led the small digital press market and created many highly successful products that many of our competitors have sought to imitate.

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