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  • OKI Pro 8432WT – 4 colour CMY+W A3 Printer 
  • OKI Pro 9431 – 360gsm 4 Colour SRA3 Printer 
  • OKI Pro 9541 – 360gsm 5 Col (white/clear last) SRA3
  • OKI Pro 9542 – 360gsm 5 Colour (white first) SRA3
  • OKI Pro 1040 – 4 Colour roll fed label printer
  • OKI Pro 1050 – 5 Colour roll fed label printer
  • Our own demonstration facility!
  • Experts in the printing industry
OKI PRo Series Printers

OKI Pro Printers, Tailored solutions for garment transfer, label and light production printing…

Well engineered, reliable and affordable. OKI Printing Solution Pro Series in partnership with X-Press OnDemand expertise continues to be a winning combination.  See below for specification sheets and information about the range. As well as this we can provide demonstrations and print sample packs.  


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X-Press OnDemand is an OKI Graphics Arts specialist and a vertical solutions partner
OKI Pro Series PrinterS

Opening up new opportunities for your business...

OKI Pro8432WT from X-Press OnDemand
OKI Pro 8432WT

The Pro8432WT removes the design barriers presented by traditional CMYK printing processes. Printing solid white onto a wide variety of media*, it can be used in combination with transfer media to create vibrant print on dark backgrounds, dark coloured garments and other hard surfaces.

OKI Pro9431 from X-Press OnDemand
OKI PRO 9431

An ideal printer for graphic arts and creative industries, the versatile, Built to offer essential levels of high-quality output, the Pro9431 SRA3 colour printer delivers vibrant, high-definition colour printing on a wide range of media, including thick paper, film, transfer paper and waterproof paper*, with fast printing speeds and high-quality output.

OKI Pro9542 from X-Press OnDemand
OKI PRO 9542

All the benefits of the PRO9431 plus.
Lay white toner on its own onto coloured or transparent media or to really pack a punch, lay down white first below CMYK colours, to create colour on colour designs. The Pro9500 series can handle media weights of up to 360gsm*, media sizes from A6 to SRA3, and banners. Substrate types: paper, card, kraft, film, synthetic media, polyester substrates, and magnetic.

OKI Pro9542 with envelope feeder from X-Press OnDemand
OKI PRO 9541e / 9542e

Target profitable new markets and grow your business with production envelope printing. Leveraging the capabilities of the Pro9000 printers enable the production of incredibly sharp text and rich, saturated press-like colours on a vast array of light or dark media.

OKI Pro1040 - Pro1050 4 and 5 colour roll fed label printing systems available from X-Press OnDemand
OKI PRO 1040 / PRO 1050

Labels that can handle UV, moisture or extreme cold without breaking a sweat The OKI Pro1040 /1050 is capable of producing high-quality, highly durable labels suitable for the demands of commercial use. PRO1040 is 4 colour and the PRO1050 is 5 colour (CMYK+W)

OKI Pro9431 from X-Press OnDemand
OKI PRO 9541

All the benefits of the PRO9431 and Like the OKI Pro9542, you can lay down white toner on its own, but different to the 9542 and to really make it shine, lay down white or clear toner as the last colour, allowing for creative spot effects with a high end glossy finish.

OKI Pro Series headlines

  • Warranty on all machines up to 3 years FREE (not including Pro10 series) Use of OKI original consumables required for extended warranty.
  • High quality build and robust manufacture.
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Low capital costs compared with other manufacturers.
  • Gain new business with some of the unique products and capabilities
  • Make your designs pop with some of the white toner capable machines
  • Offer personalised products
  • Available to buy and lease from X-Press OnDemand**

With over 25 years of experience in the digital printing and prepress industry and a “real business address” you can visit –  you can be sure we will always be willing and able to help and support you and your investment. During these years X-Press OnDemand have led the small digital press market and created many highly successful products that many of our competitors have sought to imitate.

**All lease examples are typical and subject to acceptance & status. Rentals may be higher. All prices quoted subject to VAT.
*Grammage is not always an indication of thickness, not all substrates and coatings will be suitable


Printing specialists for over 30 years...

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X-Press OnDemand T-shiro white toner transfer printing system featuring OKI Pro8432WT
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Ricoh ProC5300 digital press with vacuum feed from X-Press OnDemand
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