“The Works+” Digital Print and Finishing Package £69 a week!

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“The Works+” Digital Printing Package
– Packed with features, from just £69 a week!…

Our complete print business in a box solutions have caught the imagination of printing, design and sign companies nationwide.

This package has been designed specifically for the printing entrepreneur or digital printer! Why and what do you get!

Whats Included?

The X-Press OnDemand “The Works+” digital printing package is a complete print solution and can print on heavy substrates and finish with specialised finishing machines**. The system includes:
– X-Press OnDemand FUSION 4 SRA3 Printer Engine
– Floor Standing Cabinet
– Intel i5 SSD Laptop for Blisteringly fast job processing
– X-Press OnDemand ProductionPRO+ RIP software – Gives you the colour control you need to drive both printers.
– EasyCut 460mm Electric Programmable Paper Cutter/Guillotine
– Easy Folding Machine
– X-Press OnDemand FX-PRO – Special effects and foiling system
– Easy Booklet – Simple offline booklet maker
– 12 month licence of X-Press OnDemand EasyWorkflow imposition software.
– Delivery, Installation and Basic training (Geographic limitations apply)

1. Versatility unsurpassed with the FUSION 4

The Fusion range utilise a straight through paper path. So What! Well, this enables you print on many different substrates – even the most awkward and thick** materials without excess curling on the finished sheet! Couple this with new technology which effectively enables printing on difficult stocks without affecting quality. Running at a top speed of 50 pages per minute (A4), the Fusion is no tortoise. This provides the engine to print your jobs fast and efficiently. Imagine being able to print a set of 500 business cards in a few minutes! The fusion can be a real cash generator.

2. X-Press OnDemand ProductionPRO RIP Colour control

The system includes the amazing X-Press OnDemand ProductionPRO+ RIP as well as a fast laptop PC platform! You don’t need to be a technology or color expert to use our RIP. The solution’s wizards make setup fast and easy. It also works with all industry standard photography, proofing and production software, lessening your learning curve. It also eliminates redundant manual tasks by automating color and printing presets for photos, production, business graphics and more. Out of the box support for PDF, PS and EPS files are RIPped correctly to achieve predictable print results and make on the fly colour edits, even replacing colours. Many standard proofing tools are included, including relevant creative and proofing file formats, color presets and spot color simulations. This RIP drives both the Fusion 4 and the T-Shiro A3 giving full white control on the t-Shiro A3. Truly a full featured RIP solution included in an unbeatable package.

3. X-POD Workflow

The all new X-Press EasyWorkflow which controls position and imposes your digital jobs within a few clicks. It truly is an invaluable asset helping you to become a lean mean printing machine and is included as standard! Using our many years of experience, we have been able to identify areas in the process of producing a digitally printed job that can be streamlined to reduce the time taken to produce the job and therefore increase profitability. The popularity of our earlier workflow system confirmed to us that we had indeed, struck a chord within the printing industry.
The latest incarnation is entirely new and features powerful SRA3 imposition tools designed to increase productivity. PDF Imposition for Various Applications makes EasyWorkflow very flexible and it can be used for a variety of applications. It allows the user to prepare simple, repetitive impositions quickly without the need of saving them as well as complex combinations of different imposing styles. Within a couple of clicks you can fill an SRA3 sheet with 21 business cards including the relevant crop marks and bleed. Can also be used with any other SRA3 digital equipment you may have.

4. Electric Guillotine/Paper Cutter

The most advanced 46cm cutter within a world beating package.
The totally new 46cm cutter offers print and copyshops all the features previously found only on very large professional machines that cost £1000’s more. Compare with the others: full 46cm cutting table depth, others offer only 35cm or 45cm – not big enough to cut SRA2 down to SRA3, extra deep 23cm front table for cutting longer sheets, others offer only 15cm, electrically controlled and powered clamp with, no more sheet slippage when cutting paper, other machines use a manual clamp. Deep cutting depth at up to 5cm, other have only 3 or 4cm depth, servo controlled back gauge with programs, with eject function! Others have only manual back gauge settings. Full touch screen LCD display with keyboard! Others only offer no display at all or as an expensive option. Amazing features for an outstanding price!

5. x-feed technology (option)

After many prototypes we finally produced a complete solution that fits the remit that we had and also can be built in our UK headquarters. Using 3d printing technology we are able to manufacture the x-feed unit body to exactly to fit the product. Using hover technology the sheets are separated and cushioned. This not only provides problem free feeding, it also increases the life of the friction feed as much less friction is needed to feed the sheets. The x-feed gives great results even on static charged papers which are notoriously difficult to stop from multi-feeding.
Yes, even when printing on thick and unusual substrates on an X-Press OnDemand press, you can simply load the MP tray, switch on the x-feed and you will see the sheets separate and hover above the tray. It’s as simple as that and a great option should you wish to add to you package!

6. Fast Productive PC Platform

The package also includes a fast Intel based PC platform to run the RIP and/or workflow. To increase productivity we now only use SSD instead of standard Hard Drives due to the massive increase in performance. Everything in the package is designed to maximise your profits!

7. Foiling and Laminating

Foiling is a sign of luxury print and the X-Press OnDemand FX-PRO can do foiling and much more including double sided laminating. It can give a luxury feel to business cards, it can make restaurant menus wipeable and can make colour jump off the page. The low cost FX-PRO offers double sided lamination with super high speed for encapsulation with anti-curl device. This machine is suitable for offset, inkjet, hp indigo and other digitally ink printed substrates needing double sided protection. It is the fastest small format laminator to 4,8m/min at full speed* Both top and bottom rollers are heated with a combined 1400W, the most powerful in its size class, which enables amazing high production speed and is suitable for gloss and matt films from 30 to 250 micron. Fully open the roll gap to 5mm to take board substrates. The machine also comes equipped with a rear take up roller for metallic foils and holographic effects as well as spot UV effects. Using the feature to turn off heating on the bottom roller opens up a magical world of special effect never before achievable on such low cost machines. See our FX-PRO page under finishing machines for more information and video.

8. Folding

Easy fold – high speed professional folding machine. Great for Z fold menus etc. – does not crease just folds. From A5- to A3+** and incorporates 2 fold plates with fast manual setting with fine adjustment knob. This enables you to achieve all fold patterns: Half fold – Letter fold – Z fold – Gate fold – Engineer fold – Double fold. Easy to use with common fold sizes marked on the infeed tray and fold plates. Also has a sheet counter and is very fast at up to 9000 per hour. A skew adjustment and sheet separator is also included.

9. Booklet maker (saddle stitcher)

An amazing and compact machine to turn you printed sheets into a folded and stapled booklet. The EasyBooklet is Robust constructed it can handle from SRA3 to A5 with up to 4 staple positions (2 included). Up to 15 sheets of 70-gsm paper (60 page booklet) can be stapled. A truly amazing value for money addition to any printing business.

10. Running costs

Running costs are very important for a printing company – after all, this is your raw material costs! The running costs on the X-Press OnDemand range have always been competitive. We understand that some customers do not want to be tied into click contracts due to the nature of their work, so with the FUSION we offer our lowest priced consumables (based on page yield) ever! Yes you can have it all – a machine that can print onto a vast array of media including thick card and banners** at an affordable cost.

11. Customer revenue potential

The Fusion was designed with the printing entrepreneur in mind. With the versatility of media, the low capital cost and the low running cost, the potential for YOU, as our customer, to be able to increase your revenue, and therefore your profits, with minimum expenditure is virtually unlimited! The only limit is your imagination

12. Innovation – the complete package!

Like hundreds of our customers have already – We hope you can see the potential of this package. Many years of experience, development and work have gone into developing the absolute best products at fantastic value for money!

With over 20 years of experience in the digital printing and prepress industry you can be sure we will always be willing and able to help and support you and your investment. During these years X-Press OnDemand have led the small digital press market and created many highly successful products that many of our competitors have sought to imitate.

*All lease examples are typical and subject to acceptance & status. Rentals may be higher. All prices quoted subject to VAT.
**Grammage is not always an indication of thickness, not all substrates and coatings will be suitable.[/two_third]
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Fusion 4
X-Press OnDemand FUSION 4
460mm Advanced Cutter
EasyCut 460mm Cutter
Fusion 4 x-feed
X-Press OnDemand FUSION 4 Under the hood
X-Press OnDemand workflow
X-Press OnDemand workflow
X-Press OnDemand ProductionPRO RIP
X-Press OnDemand ProductionPRO RIP
Booklet maker
Easy Booklet Maker (Saddle stitcher)
FX-PRO – affordable effects!!

Easy folding machine
Easy Folding Machine

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X-Press OnDemand

4 Colour Digital Press
460 guillotine
X-Press OnDemand
EasyCUT 460

Paper Guillotine

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