X-press OnDemand FX-PRo Foiler plus more

One machine, an array of special effects...

  • Foil, coat, laminate all with one machine 
  • Simple hand feed operation
  • Start offering special effects to your customers
X-press OnDemand FX-PRo Foiler plus more

Easy to use with professional results…

Our high quality, low cost solutions have caught the imagination of printing, design and sign companies nationwide.

Gives you the opportunity to offer or add some fantastic effects to your digital print. Gold, silver, white and other metallic foils can be easily applied and without any die making plus much more!

X-press OnDemand FX-PRO Foiler plus more

Pro foiling for a fraction of other machines...

Ease of use

With a foil take up roller the machine keeps the foil tidy and easy to manage. To foil you simply start the machine and offer the printed page to the entry rollers. The newly foiled sheet will then drop from the back of the machine.!

X-Press OnDemand FX-PRO Foiler laminator special effect for printers
Compact Design

Compact design which makes it an ideal purchase for print businesses, offices, schools, churches, copy shops and print shops.
LCD Display shows speed and temp settings as well as other variables.

3 levels of control

The melting point of different digital print toner does differ. The FX-PRO gives you control over the temperature, speed and the pressure rollers. This means that you have the widest range of compatible printing devices, foils and laminates.

X-Press OnDemand FX-PRO Highlights

  • Niche
    The FX PRO is a machine of many talents. It gives you the opportunity to offer or add some fantastic effects to your digital print. Gold, silver, white and other metallic foils can be easily applied and without any die making! UV effects can be applied just by feeding the job through the machine. Plus there are a myriad of other effects such as holographic films. It can also act as a double or single sided laminator! You can do all this yourself in-house!
  • Speed and Productivity
    Both main rollers are individually and selectable heated with a combined 1400W, the most powerful in its size class. This enables the FX PRO to be able to work well with many different brands of digital press and thicknesses of media. Heat and speed are digitally controlled and easily changed to suit the substrate you are using. The roller gap and pressure is lever controlled giving you total control over the type of media you want to use.
  • Capital costs
    The X-Press OnDemand Fusion 4 SRA3 Digital Press also leads the market in terms of affordability. From only £12 per week on a lease agreement this machine certainly won’t break the bank – leaving you more profits in your pocket and more products in your portfolio!
  • Foil Running costs
    Running costs are very important for a printing company – after all, this is your raw material costs! The running costs on the X-Press OnDemand range have always been competitive. We do not lock our customers into purchasing the foils they use from us. Foiling makes your product a “premium” product which adds value to your offerings.
  • Customer revenue potential
    The Fusion was designed with the printing entrepreneur in mind. With the versatility of media, the low capital cost and the low running cost, the potential for YOU, as our customer, to be able to increase your revenue, and therefore your profits, with minimum expenditure in virtually unlimited! The only limit is your imagination
  • Reliability/Upgradability
    The X-Press OnDemand FX PRO digital printing system uses tried and tested technology which is renowned for reliability.
  • Innovation – the complete package
    The X-Press OnDemand FX PRO has even more! We are always developing new products that give small to medium printing and design businesses the opportunity to create for an affordable price

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