Finishing the X-Press OnDemand way

Finishing the X-Press OnDemand way!

Have you looked at the cost of finishing equipment recently? Well lets just say that for even the most basic equipment you could be paying more than the digital press that actually produced the print! With the plethora of choice of machines out there, how can you choose what’s right for you?

With many companies now specialising in small format SRA3 digital print with maybe an existing small format litho press it is no longer the massive investment that it once was. However, printing the customers files is only half the story. If your work is not cut, creased or folded correctly it completely negates all the hard work you have done in producing the print in the first place. Most finishing product suppliers would tell you that you need to spend many thousands of pounds to get the basic setup needed to run a printing business – but is that true?

Well for several years here at X-Press OnDemand we have sourced the very best value finishing equipment from Europe and the far East so that we can offer solutions that cost even less than our printing systems.

The first piece of equipment that is an absolute must for anyone producing print is a guillotine. You can turn a sheet of cards or flyers into the finished article with or without bleed using your guillotine. Although there are guillotines that costs 10’s of thousands of pounds, you don’t actually need anything that advanced. (I’m sure they are great to have though!) Actually all you need is a machine that can a cut a ream of SRA3 on the long edge, so it would need a 450mm blade, a safety mechanism and two handed operation as a minimum (must be CE approved). The X-PressCUT Value 450 is a floor standing, small footprint guillotine which fulfills these criteria admirably. It compliments our range of digital presses as it fits perfectly in the price range for a small, bespoke or start up printing company. It’s simple design enhances it’s reliability and therefore it’s appeal. X-Press OnDemand Printing Solutions also supply many more finishing options which we will discuss further in an upcoming blog

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xpresscut value 450 guillotine

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