Fusion 5 – CMYK+W 5 Colour Printer from X-Press OnDemand

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X-Press OnDemand Fusion 5
5 Colour High Definition Colour, CMYK with additional white or clear toner…

The X-Press OnDemand Fusion 5, a unique, five colour digital press incorporating either a clear gloss or white toner as the fifth colour in either first (white only) or last position. This is a choice you make when you buy the machine and can’t be changed. The Fusion 5 is not just a digital press, it has been designed specifically for the next level of printing entrepreneur! The ability to print clear gloss toner enables “spot varnish” effects, while the white option opens up a plethora or opportunities to print on dark coloured substrates and transfer printing materials designed for dark garments and items. Here are a few other reasons why, without the technical jargon!

Whats Included?

The X-Press OnDemand Fusion 5 PRO+ digital printing system is a complete print solution and can print on heavy substrates**. The base system includes:
– X-Press OnDemand FUSION 5 SRA3 Printer Engine (choice of CMYKW or WCMYK before purchase)
– Floor Standing Cabinet
– Intel i5 SSD Laptop for Blisteringly fast job processing
– X-Press OnDemand ProductionPRO+ RIP software – Gives you the colour control you need to control white (and clear for FUSION 5 with spot in last position only).
– 12 month licence of X-Press OnDemand EasyWorkflow imposition software.
– Delivery subject to survey, Installation and Basic training (Geographic limitations apply)

1. Versatility

The Fusion range utilise a straight through paper path. So What! Well, this enables you print on many different substrates – even the most awkward and thick materials** without excess curling on the finished sheet! This enables printing on thick stocks** without affecting quality.

2. Speed and Productivity

Running at a top speed of 50 pages per minute (A4), the Fusion is no tortoise. This provides the engine to print your jobs fast and efficiently. Imagine being able to print 6000 vibrant quality colour A5 flyers in an hour or a set of 500 business cards in a few minutes! The fusion is a real cash generator. There are 2 versions of the Fusion 5 machine. The first and original Fusion 5 has the white or clear toner as the final colour printed, this is most suitable for varnish effects and for garment transfer printing as the white is always the last colour required.
The other version of the Fusion 5 has white at the beginning of the print process, this is much better for printing colour images onto dark paper because it puts the white down first and the colours on top of the white in one pass. Obviously, this wouldn’t be suitable for printing clear varnish effects, so there is no clear option for this version of the machine.

3. Capital costs

At prices lower than a normal office copier, the X-Press OnDemand Fusion 5 SRA3, 5 colour Digital Press also leads the market in terms of affordability. There are no other 5 colour machines available at this price level. On a low cost lease agreement* this machine certainly won’t break the bank – leaving you more profits in your pocket!

4. Running costs

Running costs are very important for a printing company – after all, this is your raw material costs! The running costs on the X-Press OnDemand range have always been competitive. We understand that some customers do not want to be tied into click contracts due to the nature of their work, so with the FUSION we offer our lowest priced consumables (based on page yield) ever! But if you prefer to fix your costs you can still run the machine under one of our low cost pageprint contracts. Yes you can have it all – a machine that can print onto a vast array of media including dark coloured material, garment transfers, thick card and banners at an affordable cost**.

5. Customer revenue potential

The Fusion 5 was designed with the printing entrepreneur in mind. It is truly unique in the marketplace with no other engine at this price point able to offer 5 colour printing with all the possibilities.With the versatility of media, the low capital cost and the low running cost, the potential for YOU, as our customer, to be able to increase your revenue, and therefore your profits, with minimum expenditure in virtually unlimited! The only limit is your imagination.

6. Reliability/Upgradability

The X-Press OnDemand Fusion 5 digital printing system uses tried and tested LED technology which is renowned for reliability. This machine is built to last and has many options available to upgrade it’s capabilities including an EFI RIP and colour calibration system.

7. Innovation – the complete package!

The X-Press OnDemand Fusion 5 Pro+ has even more!
Included is the brand new X-Press OnDemand ProductionPRO+ RIP. This gives you amazing colour control over all 5 colours and turns your system into a fully capable colour management and multiple queue RIP station. To complete the offering the system includes the integrated laptop PC platform with the preinstalled, brand new, X-Press OnDemand Easy Workflow which controls position and imposes your digital jobs within a few clicks (1 year software licence included). It truly is an invaluable asset helping you to become a lean mean printing machine and is included as standard! There are even tutorial videos to help you get the best out of it!

With over 20 years of experience in the digital printing and prepress industry you can be sure we will always be willing and able to help and support you and your investment. During these years X-Press OnDemand have led the small digital press market and created many highly successful products that many of our competitors have sought to imitate.

*All lease examples are typical and subject to acceptance & status. Rentals may be higher. All prices quoted subject to VAT.
**Grammage is not always an indication of thickness, not all substrates and coatings will be suitable.
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Fusion 5
X-Press OnDemand FUSION 5 Digital Press

Fusion 4 x-feed
X-Press OnDemand FUSION 5 Digital Press
X-Press OnDemand workflow
X-Press OnDemand workflow
X-Press OnDemand ProductionPRO RIP
X-Press OnDemand ProductionPRO RIP

X-Press OnDemand Fusion 5
Samples of White toner applications

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X-Press OnDemand

5 Colour Digital Press

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